CAF Signalling is awarded the construction of four new tracks and a new electronic interlocking system in Madrid


Adif has awarded CAF Signalling, as part of a Joint Venture with Sacyr Neopul,  the works for the construction of four new tracks, suitable for trains measuring 750 m, for the reception and issuance of trains, along with a new electronic interlocking system forming part of the south technical bundle of the freight railway terminal Madrid-Vicálvaro. The contract’s value stands at 18,744,925.9 €.

The project’s aim is the remodelling of one of the strategic points on the Spanish logistics map and the one which articulates the entire freight distribution network throughout the country, serving as a connection between Mediterranean and Atlantic corridors. The Madrid-Vicálvaro terminal offers the greatest potential, thanks to its location in the articulator node of both corridors.

CAF Signalling will be entrusted with the installation of the QUASAR S3e electronic interlocking system, which is grounding for the company’s signalling solutions. At the forefront in the application of standard EN-50126 and other derived regulations, the system has evolved toward the support for new functional aspects, such as the integration of LEU and compatibility with ETCS systems.