CAF Signalling reduces energy consumption by 30% with its ATO solution

CAF Signalling has been developing its AoE GoA2 solution since 2015. It is based on the specifications that will be included in the upcoming TSI CCS as a new interoperable subsystem. In the latest tests carried out, the typical manual driving was compared with ATO driving and CAF Signalling engineers found that it is not possible for the driver to adapt precisely to the required journey time depending on whether he is ahead, behind schedule or on time. On the other hand, time adherence with ATO is total.

In addition, the driver tends to drive as fast as possible; therefore it is impossible for him to take advantage of the time window that the ATO uses to minimise energy consumption by implementing efficient driving based on speed control without braking and minimizing brake and traction. These drives lead to an average reduction in energy consumption of 30% compared to manual drives. Even comparing drives with the same travel time, ATO achieves average savings of 5%.