CAF wins contract to supply regional trains to the Swedish operator SJ AB

The Swedish state-owned operator SJ AB has selected CAF to supply the 25 regional units, which could be extended to a total of 60 units should the contract extension options be triggered. The volume of the basic contract secured for these 25 units amounts to approximately €300 million, with the first trains scheduled to be commissioned for revenue service in 2026.

These are CAF Civity Nordic platform units, designed for regional and inter-regional service and equipped to withstand the extreme weather conditions in Sweden, in a snowy environment with temperatures falling as low as -40ºC. The trains will be made 5-car consists and will run at speeds of 200 km/h. They will also have ample capacity (3 coupled trains will provide approximately 1,000 available seats) securing easy access and flexibility for all types of passengers.