Calculating your project carbon footprint with Infracost

Faced with the growing challenge of limiting carbon emissions, INGEROP has developed its proprietary assessment tool – InfraCost – to provide comprehensive GHG (greenhouse gas) assessments for all its infrastructure and public space development projects.

Introduced in 2020, InfraCost allows designers to identify critical emission sources and formulate effective decarbonization strategies. Thus, InfraCost transcends mere carbon accounting by embracing a proactive carbon management approach. Subsequently, it obtained certification from the ‘Bilan Carbone®’ Association in 2021.

How does InfraCost work?
InfraCost is a data-driven solution designed to calculate the carbon footprint of your projects. It achieves this through a centralized database constantly updated by our team of experts, ensuring accuracy and reproducibility in the assessment process.

InfraCost allows you to import modules representing different project types. Its modular approach accelerates the carbon footprint modelling while retaining precise control over the most microscopic parameters of the project. Throughout each stage, the user has the flexibility to perform operations on both macro and micro scales, based on the project’s progress and available information.