Calcutta metro

This is the first underground railway in India, with a length of 23.135 km. It offers services to the city of Calcutta and the southern and northern districts of West Bengal.

◗ Number of lines: 1+1 (under construc­tion) +4 (plannned)
◗ Number of stations: 24
◗ Number of daily passengers: 543.000 passengers
◗ Operator Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (KMRC)
◗ Length: 28.14 km

The current network of Calcutta’s Metro consists of a line that is currently opera­tional and a second line under construction, plus another 4 that are in various planning stages.

The North-South line was built progressively from 1972 to 2010. They have a length of 16,450 km (phase I) and 8,834 (phase II).

The success of this line contributed to the construction of the East-West connexion, linking Howrah with Sealdah, two of the busi­est railway stations worldwide. In addition, a section of the line will pass under Hooghly River, a milestone in Indian infrastructure since it is the first time that a work of these circumstances has been carried out. Con­struction of Line 2 East-West, which will have an approximate length of 14 km (5.77 of which will be high and 8.9 underground) and 12 stations (see table below) began in 2009 and its commissioning is planned for 2015. This new subway line will have 12 stations.

Calcutta currently has other metro projects which in total sum up to 82 stations and 120.032 km:

◗ Line 3: 13 stations and a length of 16.72 km.
◗ Line 4: 9 stations and 18.50 km.
◗ Line 5: 11 stations and 10 km..
◗ Line 6: 13 stations and 32 km.

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