Norway: ERTMS implementation

Norway’s National Rail Administration Norway (Jernbaneverket) is committed to carrying out the ERTMS implementation in the Norwegian railway network.
According to the National ERTMS Implementation Plan of Jernbaneverket, in 2030 a description of high-level signalling renewal program and implementation of … Sigue leyendo →

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Nordic coutries: Sweden

With a large area that ranks as the third largest country in the European Union, it has one of the lowest population densities in Europe. This involves great challenges in connecting the various, widely scattered population centres throughout the geography … Sigue leyendo →


Sweden: High Speed

The extensive network of trains is individually managed by each of the regions and especially in the most populated, traffic is very high and generates numerous political debates on development. But undoubtedly the star project of the plan, which has … Sigue leyendo →

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Sweden: Flackarp-Arlöv

Project for the expansion of the railway network between Malmö and Lund, from 2 to 4 tracks. Among the most important issues that motivate their construction is the excessive noise that occurs with current lines and the intersection with the … Sigue leyendo →