CEIT-BRTA Technology Center has been pre-selected as a Founding Member of ERJU (Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking), the European backbone of railway R&D

CEIT Technology Center has been pre-selected as a founding member (CFM – Candidate Founding Member) of the Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking (ERJU), a continuation of the European Shift2Rail initiative, which will centralize European research and development in the railway field during the next 8 years.

ERJU will focus on accelerating research, development and demonstrations of innovative technologies and operational solutions for their future deployment, in order to meet the policies of the European Union towards the objectives of sustainability, digitization and social integration, etc.

The participation in the platform will allow CEIT to develop new technologies in the areas of infrastructure maintenance, signalling and logistics, among others. These developments will materialize in demonstrators (TRL7) for future transfer to companies, contributing to the transformation of the railway sector.