We celebrate our tenth anniversary and present a new communication platform

Dear friends, in Mafex we are celebrating our first decade! During these 10 years we have developed, with much effort, an intense support to the Spanish railway industry. From 2004 until now we have managed to consolidate as an association formed by the major Spanish companies.

But Mafex always looks to the future. Following the development of the Strategic Plan for 2014-2016 and the creation of the Strategy and Communication Committee, we have faced forward a new way to present the work of our partners and the Association, developing this new communication channel: the corporate magazine of Mafex.

In this publication we want to express the main base of our objective as an association: support the Spanish industry internationalization. This magazine will be published in Spanish and English, it will be distributed to a significant number of national and international industry contacts, thus it will be online for free and any reader can request the printed version.

This new communication platform is a challenge we face with all the enthusiasm and energy that today our industry needs in order to continue maintaining the prestige and international recognition it has had during years. From the Strategy and Communication Committee we have been working in recent months to make this magazine be of high interest to organizations and companies from anywhere in the world, as well as for Spanish companies and institutions from the sector.

We want this publication to be our showcase to the world as an association and as partners in it, and allow us to present the products and services of the companies plus their latest work and technological advances. Since our purpose is to promote the Spanish industry, the scenario to present “our magazine” could not be other than the Tenth edition of InnoTrans, not only because it is the trade exhibition leader in the rail industry but also because this is where we introduced ourselves as Mafex a few days after the creation of the Association, on September 16th 2004.

We don’t want to say goodbye without reminding you that our doors are open for any suggestions to help us improve our work as a partnership and as publishers in this new project, so that we can all celebrate another 10 years of working together.

We hope to see you soon.
Mafex Strategy and Communication Comitee