CETEST: Anywhere, Anytime


CETEST still demonstrates its global deployment capability in rail testing. In the last months diverse test campaigns have been executed around the globe:

From New Zealand, for CAF´s Canberra tram validation, through South Africa, where Transnet will use the instrumented wheelsets that are being developed, right up to Santiago de Chile CAF´s Metro, CETEST serves anywhere, anytime.

Likewise, testing engineers and technicians have moved to USA in order to perform different tests in Boston (CAF), El Paso (Brookville) and also New York, for instrumented wheelsets´ set up and installation (Kawasaki).

To the same extent, in India CETEST has managed and executed diverse trials at Calcutta and Bangalore Metros (BEML), and at Delhi Metro (Hyundai-Rotem). Also in this country, the requested instrumented wheelsets are being developed for Alstom´s electric locomotive. Last but not least, CETEST is also carrying out consultancy work as testing expert for Bureau Veritas and Lucknow Metro.

Finally, highlight the service that CETEST continues to provide in Europe, such as the M7 campaigns in Belgium (Bombardier), the consultancy work for Belgorail in Luxembourg, or the Caledonian Sleeper, Arriva Civity or TransPennine campaigns in UK for CAF.