Cetest completes the tests for the homologation of Amtrak’s vehicles

The testing laboratory Cetest has successfully completed the station­ary tests to extend to 125 mph the homologation of Sleeper Viewliner I vehicles for Amtrak, the passenger intercity rollingstock network of the United States. Parts of the tests have been performed in Amtrak’s facilities in Wilmington (Delaware), with specif­ic portable test rigs designed by Cetest During these tests, the wheel unload­ing is measured, a key parameter in the safety against derailment, as well as the rolling coefficient, which is used for the gauge calculations. In this first phase, Cetest has also carried out ve­hicle modal analysis tests. Next June, Cetestwill complete the test campaign with on track tests for the evaluation of the dynamic behavior, which will enable them to obtain the authoriza­tion to increase the circulation speed from 110 to 125mph, in conformity with the requirements established by America authority FRA (Federal Regu­lation Authority). Thanks to this new project, Cetestreinforces its presence in the US, as well as the technical rec­ognition of the most important players in this country.