CETEST, the partner for the European freight wagons manufacturers for the dynamic homologation

Among the testing and homologation activities that CETEST performs for rolling stock, the on-track dynamic homologation for freight wagons is becoming an important task placing CETEST as a reference for this process in Europe.

The on-track homologation is a complex process in which CETEST acts as the sole point of contact for the rolling stock manufacturer taking the responsibility not only of the test but also of the track slots management and operation of the test train (including the instrumented wagon).

In 2016, CETEST will be performing the dynamic homologation of a freight wagon for the French rolling stock manufacturer Titagargh Wagons AFR. The test will be performed in Spain over ADIF infrastructure and according to EN14363 European standard. As relevant aspect it is to say that the instrumentation will include the design, manufacturing, calibration and use of four instrumented wheelsets for wheel-rail force measurement on-real time.