CITEF will be developing the Granada Metro Driving Simulator

Andalucia Regional Government, through the Public Works Agency (AOPJA) of Andalucia Regional Government, has awarded CITEF the design, installation and commissioning of a driving simulator for the training, recycling and assessment of driving staff in the Granada Metro system.

The Granada Metro Driving Simulator will have a student station and an instructor station, as well as an observation space for the remaining students during training activities. The software will be able to replicate train behaviour, simulating the effects of acting on the controls; traction and braking curves; the configuration of instruments; headlight, windscreen wiper and communication controls; and the operation of passenger doors, among others.

This simulator will be installed inside workshops and depot building and will reinforce driver training by simulating real situations that will enable drivers-in-training to develop the necessary driving skills. Besides simulating normal operation, the device also simulates faults and incidents that occur during real operation so that these situations can then be addressed more effectively as a result.

The technology developed by CITEF will also allow instructors to create exercises that reproduce real driving situations with or without incidents. They will be able to directly observe the operator’s performance; record, extract and work with data from any scenarios implemented; analyse the results achieved and assess and improve the students’ performance.