Class 88 revolution arrives to the UK

Locomotoras duales Class88-STADLER
Locomotoras duales Class88-STADLER

The first UKDUAL locomotives, called also Class 88, are arriving to the UK and after a short testing phase on the Network Rail tracks, it is expected the beginning of the commercial services by March 2017.

Class 88 locomotive is a further development of Class 68 platform, both developed and manufactured by Stadler Rail Valencia.

34 diesel-electric locomotives type Class68 have been sold in several batches to Beacon Rail Leasing Limited to be used for Direct Rail Services in the transport of passengers and goods, which demonstrates the excellent collaboration created among the 3 companies. Fruit of this collaboration, DRS, via BRLL, ordered ten dual-powered Class88 locomotives to be used in passenger and freight transport services in the UK, at speeds up to 160km/h, combining both 25kV electric and diesel operating modes.

Class 88 is a true dual-mode 4-axle locomotive adapted to UK gauge, with AC/ AC transmission and low axle load representing the new generation of rolling stock for European market. It offers excellent operational flexibility, high performance and reduced transport costs, running with only one locomotive on main lines as well as on secondary lines.