The bi-modal tram-trains type Citylink start commercial services in Chemnitz

Verkehrsverbund Mittelsachsen GmbH (VMS) opened last October 10 the Stage 1 of its multi-stage mobility investment project called “Chemnitzer Modell”. The project develops an extensive transport network linking the tramway- and railway tracks to allow transport without transshipments between the city and the region of Chemnitz. For this, the consortium of Stadler Rail Valencia and Vosloh Kiepe provides the perfect vehicle. The Citylink tram-train precisely meets the requirements of a city with advanced mobility.

The new Citylink for VMS Chemnitz is a low floor tram-train that can run in the tram network in electric mode (600 / 750 V DC) and in regional railway lines in diesel mode. It reaches a max. speed of 100km/h offering a high degree of comfort and safety. It has got the German certificates BOStrab and EBO.

VMS ordered in 2012 the supply of 8 tram-trains Citylink for Stage 1 of the project and later 4 additional vehicles for Stage 2.

Besides Stadler Rail Valencia is supplying 7 Citylink tram-trains to SYPTE for the 1st. Tram-Train project of the UK.