COMSA begins construction on the Odense tramway (Denmark)


COMSA leads the construction of more than 14 kilometres of dual track tramway between the districts of Tarup Centre and Hjallese as well as the 26 stations that will comprise the line. The contract is valued at 158 million Euros and includes the building of the catenary, signalling work, telecommunications and a control and maintenance centre.

The Odense tramway is being built using sustainability criteria. In this line, anti-vibration blankets and rail jackets will be used for attenuating the noise and oscillations generated by the operation of the trains. On the other hand, the maintenance centre will be energy self-sufficient. To accomplish this, over 500 square metres of solar panels will be installed on the roof, windows and skylights will be installed for natural lighting as well as efficient thermal insulation that will result in savings in the energy bill.