COMSA progresses in the works for the replacement of a crossing at El Berrón station

COMSA is carrying out works to replace a crossing at El Berrón station (Oviedo), the main railway junction in the suburban system of the Metric Gauge Network, where the L770 Oviedo – Santander and L752 Gijón – Laviana lines cross. This unique crossing, where two double-track lines cross orthogonally, is the only one of its kind in Europe.

The project includes the replacement of the straight crossing by a new one formed by a set of 4 Non-Union Crossings (TSU) larger than the current one. It also includes the replacement of the prefabricated transition slabs with ballastless and ballasted track zones, each 12 metres long, to improve the current transition between the slab and ballasted track zones. This will increase train safety and speed and improve service efficiency and accessibility.