COMSA will execute the track and systems rehabilitation on Line 1 of the Mexico City Metro

COMSA has been awarded the project for the rehabilitation of tracks and systems on Line 1 of the Mexico City Metro, work which is scheduled to begin in the second quarter of the year.

The works consist of the renewal of 39 km of track and ballast, as well as 17 escapes and 12 turnouts, all included in the section that runs from Pantitlán to Observatorio, both on main tracks and on secondary tracks and shunting areas.  The contract also includes the supply of materials such as sleepers, fastenings and ballast, among others.

The project also envisages the rehabilitation of the electrical systems (low voltage, lighting, earths, continuity bridges), air conditioning in the technical rooms of the stations, pumping wells and their hydraulic systems, as well as minor structural repairs.