Conference on urban public transport systems: metros, trams and commuter lines

International experts analyzed in Barcelona, ​​between the 20th and 25th of June, the future of urban rail public transport under the coordination of Mafex. The main operators of urban rail public transport of Colombia, Ecuador, Iran, Ireland, Finland, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Panama, United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Thailand were gathered at the Conference on “Urban Public Transport Systems: metros, tramways and commuter lines” which the Spanish Railway Association organized with the support of ICEX Spain Export and Investments.

The conference was attended by over 70 professionals and managers of the Spanish railway sector who had the opportunity to meet -214 bilateral meeting were coordinated- with representatives of 12 major urban systems in the world, including the metros of  the Latin American cities Quito, Mexico City, Medellin and Panama, the light rail of Turku (Finland), the metro of the Iranian city of Mashhad, metros from Almaty, Prague and London, in addition to the company Transport Infrastructure of Ireland and the Metropolitan Rapid Transit of Bangkok.

“A multidisciplinary forum with a very practical working dynamic, which includes direct and actual knowledge of high capacity railway undertakings and enhances the interaction of the most important professionals in this field,” according to Nahum Leal, deputy director of operations of the Collective Transport System of Mexico City’s metro.