Consolidation of INGEBER in 2019

During 2019, INGETEAM has developed activities to consolidate several energy recovery projects but also has invested on R&D bearing in mind the competitiveness of INGEBER.

The energy recovery based on INGEBER is a proved solution to improve energy efficiency and to reduce costs, therefore the market liberalization and the search of optimizing energy consumption reminds an opportunity for market development. We have worked on a compact solution, that eases the integration process to answer market needs. At the same time, a programme to improve useful life of components has been implemented. At the same time, during 2019 different projects have been developed. A system has been installed in U2 of Wien Metro, after having recorded a yearly recovery of approx. 1.4 Mio kWh on the first system.

We have also installed 2 new INGEBER in Metro de Barcelona, so that at the end of the year the city will have 3 systems of 1.7 MW. Finally, we are working on first 2 MW system for the railways system SFM in Mallorca.