Consolidation of the area and incursion in Non-CAF fleet

In 2019, CAF Rail Services Equipment and Components (Tradinsa, Cofema and RL Components) was integrated as an Area within the CAF Group. This 2022, this integration is in a consolidation stage where we demonstrate maturity and robustness as an Area not only at an operational level but also with regard to the client.

So much so, that we have gone further offering all our capabilities not only to customers with CAF Fleets but also to non-CAF Fleet maintainers/operators.

Proof of this, is the award of half-life maintenance on Stadler bogies of the 4300 series of Metro Valencia (FGV). Heavy maintenance is being carried out on a total of 160 bogies and given the high customer satisfaction, the contract has been extended to another 80 additional bogies.