Danobat wins three bids for the railway sector totalling €103 M

The first contract in Australia is for the supply of a turnkey workshop for maintenance and repair of the bogie and wheelset of the train cars and the second one for an automatic line destined for the maintenance of wheelsets, in both cases for cars in charge of the transport between the mines and the port. Also, a third contract for IRCON, India, for which an automatic line for the production of wheelsets in passenger trains has concluded. In total, the three contracts totaling an amount of €103 M, with which Danobat achieve a record of orders and allows it to close the year with excellent prospects for the coming years.
Australia’s plans give response to the growing demand for automatic plants to perform maintenance on the mining station. The need to integrate, in one case 28 teams, and 22 in the other, robotic handling devices, and the computer system for integrated control of the entire line, make these workshops the most advanced facilities in the world for the maintenance of the fundamental components of the train.
For its part, the line to India Danobat assumes the project of a turnkey line for manufacturing, inspection and assembly of wheelsets. The facility includes a total of 15 teams, which are also machines for machining of axles and wheels manufactured with Danobat, a robotic system for handling components, and computing device for an integrated control of the line.
In all three cases Danobat assumes full responsibility for project implementation which includes, among other things, preliminary engineering, the manufacture of critical equipment, the purchase of specialized equipment, installation and commissioning, as well as training in the operation of all equipment.