From data to profit

Why undertaking the path to turn Data into Profits is neither straightforward or a choice? How can technical and financial risks of an investment in Digital Railways be minimized? What technologies and services can be used for this purpose? What qualitative and quantitative benefits of applying the digital maintenance concept to rolling stock assets can be demonstrated in practice?

Nowadays a number of ´trendy´ buzzwords are used such as Internet of Things, Big Data, Digitalization, Predictive Maintenance,…  which are on everyone’s table but just a few are fully understood and implemented, all together, in an effective and efficient way.

A successful Digital Transformation process focused on Predictive Maintenance implementation will reduce, as an average, a 20-25% of railway maintenance costs and there is an opportunity of 9-12 billion EUR per year in operational savings (McKinsey Annual Report). This transformation process will ensure that a railway business has the required Digital capabilities (technologies, business model and operational excellence) to sustain a Digital Culture focused on a new Digital customer who demands a new top-bottom strategy, people commitment and new skills and roles.

NEM Solutions combines more than 12 years of experience transforming digitally, railway businesses worldwide. Through domain expertise and data analytics excellence it is the way to transform data into profits. The Predictive Technology, A.U.R.A., is designed as one stop platform which controls independently of the OEM, more than 67k assets from more than 250 fleets.