Delhi metro

◗ Number of lines: 2
◗ Number of stations: 34 (10 underground and 24 elevated)
◗ Number of daily passengers: 887,959 passengers
◗ Operational project: 2016-2017
◗ Length: 23.986 elevated km and 9.990 underground km

It is the thirteenth largest metro system in the world in terms of length and the first modern public transportation system in India.

Delhi’s Metro is a subway system that con­nects Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Ghazi­abad. It has been developed in 4 phases. Phase I and Phase II have already been implemented and are operational. Phase III is approved by the Government and the first implementations have already began. Phase IV is still pending.

Phase III
For this phase, 2 new lines and 10 extensions routes have been proposed. Also, the approval of the Cabinet for 2 new lines have beed ob­tained, though only 7 extensions have been accepted, which would sum a total of 160.27 km. The first works are already being carried out and it is estimated that the completion of this phase will come in March 2016. It will have a total of 28 underground stations. After this phase is completed, Delhi’s Metro expects 4 million passengers per day.

Phase IV
It is estimated to reach completion in 2021, and the length building will exceed 100 km. However, several changes to the planning be­fore construction begins can be expected.

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