DF Rail finishes the Bypass prototype for double rails for the Mediterranean Corridor

DF Rail has concluded during May 2014 the workshop assembly of a double gauge turnout (1435/1668 mm) with technical designation DMMD-H-G-60-500-0.071-CM/CR-TC-D. This prototype, that will be installed at the Mediterranean Corridor for ADIF, has been designed to avoid the train’s circulation problems at high speeds by double gauge turnouts with an obtuse crossing integrated at the switch area.
The existing turnouts with these features have a passing speed limitation up to 30 km/h due to the crossing gap (discontinuity of the running edges) of the fixed obtuse crossings.
The technical solution to increase substantially the performance of these types of turnouts, lays on the design and manufacturing of an obtuse crossing with mobile points, avoiding the crossing gaps and allowing the continuity of the wheels guidance at all its length.
This crossing with mobile points uses a unique point machine and it is driven by a new locking system with alternative movement by means of a pinion – rack system.
The turnout also has an elastic fastening system developed specifically for areas with very reduced space, as there are only 233 mm between the rails with the two gauges.
The three lockers at the switch area have been designed considering the utility model developed by Felguera Melt in 2012.
The whole of this development is currently at the stage of obtaining the patent, and the manufactured prototype is under different tests at our workshop in Mieres, being submitted the switchrails to movement cycles every 1.5 minutes.