Dsaf. eleds-tunnel

Focused on the field of emergency signaling and lighting in railway tunnels, road tunnels and wind towers, the business activity of Dinámicas de Seguridad SL (Dsaf) prioritizes its commitment to new technologies in the execution of its projects andinitiatives in pursuing compliance with the highest safety standards regarding the evacuation of people in risky situations.

Starting from innovation, research, development and application, Dsaf develops products that can be effectively adapted to the problems and conditions of the projects to be implemented, either from the point of view of the fields of application, or from the current regulations and the corresponding security guarantees. The latest example in these products is ELEDS-TUNNEL dynamic signaling.

This signaling made up of LED modules and power supply guarantees effective orientation, even in the most adverse conditions, for the evacuation of people in risky situations, facilitating access to the safety zones provided in the tunnels.