EcoActive Technologie: EMS, energy management system

Energy Consumption is one of the largest expenses of railway operators today.

As part of the continuous drive to find innovative solutions to save energy and reduce costs, Bom­bardier has developed an energy management system (EMS) to measure and help to reduce on-board energy consumption.

Using an EMS allows train opera­tors to actively manage one of their main cost drivers.

With nearly 400 systems offered to train operators globally and experience gained over 14 years, Bombardier has developed the EMS in response to market de­mand.

Bombardier Energy Management System (EMS) has been developed to assist train operators in the drive to improve energy efficien­cy and performance of their roll­ing stock and reduce operational costs.

This product is suitable for instal­lation in any railway vehicle, run­ning under any type of voltages and built by any vehicle manufac­turer. Bombardier’s wide product portfolio is designed to adapt to the specific requirements of each customer.

The EMS system measures train energy consumption, as well as regeneration, and provides re­ports, which allow train operators to improve the energy efficiency of their trains.

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