The train OARIS integrates AURIGA OBS solution to meet the requirements of ERTMS

CAF incorporates ERTMS solution from its subsidiary CAF Signalling in OARIS high-speed trains, capable of reaching 350 km/h.

This onboard ERTMS solution marks a significant milestone for CAF Group´s company specialized in signalling systems with one of the most compact hardware packages in the market.  AURIGA OBS is an ERTMS solution which conforms to ERTMS requirements for both Level 1 and Level 2.

The outcome of CAF Group’s experience and focus on R&D, CAF’s proprietary ERTMS solution is being successfully implemented on OARIS very high speed train.

Additionally, CAF Signalling also boasts AURIGA L1 and AURIGA L2 wayside ERTMS systems, which round off the company’s offer in the railway signalling sector.