ENYSE, a SICE Tecnología y Sistemas Group’s company, will carry out the electrification and signalling project for the Salamanca – Fuentes de Oñoro line for Adif

The joint venture ENYSE-SEMI is awarded a project including the electrification of the whole stretch (SEMI) and the railway signaling aiming at supplying and installing eight new EiS23 electronic interlocks using ENYSE’s technology at the Tejares-Chamberí, Barbadillo and Calzada, Aldehuela de la Bóveda, Fuentes de San Esteban-Boadilla, Sancti espíritus, Ciudad Rodrigo, Espeja and Fuentes de Oñoro stations. It includes the implementation of a new automatic release block single automatic release on single lane (BLAU) and the supply and installation of new field elements such as audio-frequency track circuits, axle counters between stations, light signals, needle drives, ASFA, as well as a new pipeline network, construction of technical buildings and signaling cables. 1

ENYSE will provide the interlocks with a local maintenance support system. The company has also considered setting up a centralized maintenance station.

In order to support the signaling facilities, modifications will be carried out on the communications network and the laying of a new 64 O. F. cable, which will provide a backup route for the existing transmission system, as well as service to the new installations. New lifting centers, local connections and uninterruptible power supply systems will be installed.

With this award, more than 100 ENYSE’s electronic interlocks have been worldwide installed: in Spain (ADIF, ADIF-RAM, and FGV) Chile (EFE, FESUR), Algeria (SNTF) and Egypt (ENR).