Special Innotrans 2016

Mafex has organized, for the seventh consecutive year, the group participation of 51 Spanish railway companies, occupying a space of more than 2,300 square meters in InnoTrans, the most important fair for the railway industry worldwide.
During September 20th and 23rd, more than 130,000 professionals from the railway sector around the world and over 2,700 exhibitors from 55 countries will be present in Berlin.
InnoTrans has become an international meeting point for professionals and decision-makers in economy, politics and transportation. With expert groups and roundtables on different subjects, it is the ideal platform for an exchange of ideas at the highest level. All coordinated by the Dailog Forum under the leadership of the German Forum Transport (DVF, for its acronym in German), the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV), the Association of European Railway Industries (UNIFE) and the German Association Railway Industry (VDB).

Spanish technological developments
The Spanish railway industry will be present, as in every edition, presenting their technological developments in different segments of the exhibition, including rail technology, infrastructure, public transport, interior design and construction of tunnels. All this in an exhibition area of more than 140,000 m2, including the display of vehicles in the 3,500 metres outdoor railway located within the space of the fair itself.
The Spanish Railway Association, Mafex, is organizing again, as it has done since 2004, the participation of more than fifty Spanish companies. On the following pages you can view details of railway innovations of some of the Spanish companies present at the event. For example, the first application of automatic train operation (ATO) combined with ETCS Level 2, which is currently being implemented for the first time in the intercity rail Mexico-Toluca. Also, assistants will be able to know and see the latest developments for High Speed turnouts, as well as learning about new solutions for maintenance workshops or the latest advances in manufacturing trains, among other technologies. All this developed by Mafex members who have spent decades working in more than 90 countries around the world and whose turnover in 2015 exceeded 4,800 million euros and employed more than 22,000 people.


listado innotransARCELORMITTAL, at the vanguard of the sector
The need for fast and reliable transport has encouraged R&D in this sector, making it possible to overcome challenges unimaginable a few years ago. ArcelorMittal, in its continuous development, has reinforced this permanent evolution in the rail sector with improvements of its product range, through the research and development of new types of rails and welding techniques.
ArcelorMittal has a dedicated R&D Rail Unit based in Spain with different prototyping facilities and a new welding pilot plant to develop and test new welding techniques, both for rail grades currently in use and for new grades under development. Rail welding is a critical process for ArcelorMittal’s customers, and ArcelorMittal is capable of providing recommendations on the most suitable welding techniques in every case.
Next time you travel by train, no matter the continent where you are, you may be doing it on rails manufactured by ArcelorMittal.

SICE presents its new auto-sale machine called BIGBOX-S1.
SICE is proud to announce a new TVM product called BIGBOX-S1.
BIGBOX-S1 accepts payment with coins, notes and all kind of credit and debit cards.
It also allows reporting of card balances and movements.
Its main characteristics are:
◗ Ready to accept EMV L2 cards and NFC payments
◗ Adequate sizing and easy to move
◗ Rear door for cash management and dedicated access for maintenance
◗ Reliable mechanics avoiding coin stuck
◗ Fraud control due to a special counting system of coins and notes
◗ In stations without ticket office allows to do change, verification and collection operations
◗ Specially designed for the use of persons with mobility reduceIndra brings Wi-Fi content
to trains

Indra will be at Innotrans showcasing a pioneering transport solution that provides passengers with wireless access to a digital content platform via mobile devices, without requiring an Internet connection.
This cutting edge service is made possible by the versatility and capabilities of Indra’s Nauta onboard unit, which acts as a smart server for this content streaming solution.
Passengers can connect to the system via Wi-Fi. Entering their username and password will bring up the menu of content offered by the operator directly on their device. Users can then choose and instantly open any item that interests them, without having to download the same. The system will also remember each user. For example, on a round trip, users can begin a movie or a book on the outbound journey and pick up where they left off on the return trip.
Indra will also be exhibiting its safety technology for wayside ATP systems, including its RBC solution for level 2 ERTMS signaling, part of InVITALRAIL, a revolutionary generic technology platform for top-level railroad safety systems, which was also developed by the company.
Thus, continuing its development of open and integration-ready ERTMS, Indra will present in Innotrans the first open security protocol between the interlocking and RBC systems, based on the RaSTA (Rail Safe Transport Application) standard. This solution will help drive the globalization of the interoperability concept, extending the scope of standardized integration between signaling systems and train control systems, acting as a technological driver based on infrastructure scalability and optimization.

CAF is today one of the international leaders in the design and implementation of comprehensive rail transport systems.
CAF will participate in a new edition in Innotrans. CAF has a wide range of rail vehicles with a presence in over 30 countries worldwide. Its most recent contracts include the supply of Oaris high speed trains for Flytoget in Norway and Civity regional trains for Arriva UK and First Group operators in the UK. In the urban segment, CAF is manufacturing new fully automated metros for the cities of Istanbul and Santiago de Chile and Urbos tramways for cities such as Luxembourg, Utrecht and Canberra in Australia, among others.
The company does not only supply rolling stock. CAF Group has extensive capabilities to offer its customers comprehensive rail solutions with high added value. These include civil works, signalling systems, traction and communication equipment, electromechanical systems, driving simulators, operation and maintenance of the system.

Stadler shows a wide range of products and services at InnoTrans such as the High Speed train for SBB, the new FLIRT for the Netherlands, dual locomotives or its latest trams and train-trams
Stadler exhibits a wide range of products and services at InnoTrans, like the high speed train for SBB, the new FLIRT for the Netherlands, dual-mode locomotives or their last tramways and tram-trains. You can find us in Hall 2.2, stand 103 and outside stand O/238.
Stadler Rail Valencia presents two innovative examples of hybrid technologies:
◗ On track 8/43, the new EURODUAL locomotive for UK (Class88): a lot more than a “last mile” locomotive. It provides operational flexibility, high performance and reduced transport costs since it can run on all kind of lines, electrified or not.
◗ On track 4/29, the new Citylink for VMS Chemnitz: a low floor tram-train that can run in the tram network in electric mode and in regional railway lines in diesel mode (max. 100km/h) offering a high degree of comfort and safety. It has got the German certificates BOStrab and EBO.

AMURRIO presents CRBM, a locking device which is compact and easy to install, maintenance-free thanks to the leak protection mechanism and sealed against water or dirt.
It can be installed by one person, and does not require holes in the rail. It is adaptable to all track widths and blocks both the closed tongue as the open one.
Amurrio is one of the international leaders in the manufacture of manganese steel crossings (Hadfield steel, Mn 12/14%). They are manufactured in one piece, without any bolted connections, and cast and machined in our facilities. Each crossing is heat treated in a gas furnace and quenching pool. The result are pieces of great versatility with very low maintenance requirements.
The design of the new AFE fastening facilitates the installation of turnouts,  and achieves significant savings in time and materials.

DANOBAT exhibitis its depot equipment at Innnotrans: preventive and corrective maintenance solutions, with a wide range to adapt to the type of vehicle in question: high speed, locomotive, commuter train, tram or metro.
At hall 22, stand 601, DANOBAT exhibits its depot equipment at INNOTRANS: preventive and corrective maintenance solutions, with a wide range to adapt to the type of vehicle in question: high speed, locomotive, commuter train, tram or metro.
The company will showcase its integral solutions for  maintenance of rolling stock components. The new solution consists of a wheel profile measuring system + rolling stock wheelset optimization software + a brand new range of underfloor wheel lathes. This integral solution has been designed and developed to extend wheelset life by some 25% and to save on maintenance costs.
At the stand more information will be given on DANOBAT’s comprehensive solutions for all manufacturing processes of rolling stock parts: from axles or wheels, through wheelsets to bogies, offering stand-alone machines as well as complete automated turnkey lines.

JEZ presents its latest developments for High Speed turnouts
JEZ Sistemas Ferroviarios is a leading producer of turnouts and crossovers and an associate of the VAE Group, the international leader in this sector.
JEZ has implemented projects all around the world, in countries as diverse as Australia, Mexico, Finland and South Africa. Our offices in capital cities around the globe and capacity to undertake detailed studies in situ are key competitive advantages.
The experience and capacity of the technical experts in our R&D+i department allows us to develop and manufacture complete sets of railway layouts (turnouts, crossovers, etc.) along with all of their individual components such as manganese steel crossings, isolating joints, expansion joints, plates, slide chairs, guard rails etc. Our projects include rail equipment standardization, installation of layouts in stations or depots, and the development of patented Taylor-made solutions.
At the 2016 edition of Innotrans JEZ will present its latest developments for high-speed turnouts, such as:
◗ New generation of elastic rail plates for high-speed turnouts on concrete plinth and ballast track, with stiffness ranging from 33 KN/mm to 45 KN/mm.
◗ High-performance vertical clamp lock, integrated hollow sleepers for high-speed turnouts.
With regard to urban rail systems, JEZ has developed track layouts for vehicles with central guide boxes, and holds two European patents for this technology. These vehicles are used by urban transport authorities in France and Latin America, and projects are also under way in China and Italy.
The main characteristics of these devices, which are currently at the manufacture and testing stage, are as follows:
◗ Incorporated into a setting, detection and interlocking unit for the Unistar HR drive.
◗ Mobile panel for main and divergent tracks.
◗ Panel rotation using cams, synchronized with the drive locking, setting and detection unit.
◗ The cams lock the mechanism in the final positions.
◗ Slide surface fitted with an Ecogliss system to prevent the need for maintenance and greasing.
◗ Hard steel system components and friction bushes.
One of the priorities of JEZ Sistemas Ferroviarios is to achieve excellence in the quality of its after-sales customer service. Excellence includes the immediate presence of technical personnel to:
●  Solve any problem concerning the assembly process for the equipment supplied.
● Cater to customers’ requests, contributions and suggestions to improve the product.
● Manage their technical complaints.
● Ensure full availability when faced with any other request.
The implementation of projects to improve environmental management (ISO 14001), total quality (ISO 9001) and occupational health and safety (OSHAS 18001) guarantee the excellent of our product with regard to the environment and a commitment to risk prevention.

CAF Signalling presents the first application of ATO over ETCS Level 2 according to interoperable European draft specifications
The company CAF Signalling shows at Innotrans 2016 a DEMO of the first automatic train operation (ATO) in conjunction with ETCS Level 2 following the draft interoperable specifications which are being developed by the railway sector for future use in Europe. This technology is being implemented for the first time in Mexico-Toluca interurban line. This new line has 58 kilometres of double track electrified at 25kV AC, with five new stations.
The most significant conclusion is that a standard and interoperable approach to GoA2 Automation is feasible applying ETCS as the standard ATP to guarantee Safety. The ATO developed by CAF and ETCS are put together with a high degree on functional independency between them.
This first implementation is part of the Mexico–Toluca works awarded to a consortium led by CAF, in which the Spanish group provides 30 trainsets, the ETCS on-board equipment, the full ATO system -including both onboard and trackside equipment- and the integrated Control Centre. The ETCS specification is for Level 2 Baseline 2.3.0d with semi-automatic train operation, GoA-2.

Ineco offers comprehensive and innovative solutions in all phases of the development of railway projects, from feasibility studies up to commissioning
Ineco is a global leader in infrastructure engineering and consultancy. With a presence in more than 50 countries, it has an expert team of more than 2,500 professionals and has for more than 45 years contributed to the development of projects in all areas of transport: planning, airports, air navigation, railways, roads, urban transport and ports. Its activities extend to the environmental sector, architecture and construction.
Ineco offers comprehensive solutions in all phases of railways projects, from preliminary feasibility studies to commissioning, including making improvements to management, operation and maintenance processes. Our Company has cooperated in every single phase of all the projects of the development of the Spanish railway system.

NEWTEK facilities for loading sand
Founded in 1987, NEWTEK is a company dedicated to installations for the handling of bulk materials – dust and granule size solids – for different sectors of industry, such as, foundry, metalworking, ceramic, food, railway and so on.
It specializes in the design, manufacturing, assembly and maintenance of installations for the sand loading in trams, trains and locomotives, for the use into traction bogies.
It supplies complete facilities mainly composed by a storage silo, fixed or mobile sand feeding systems, and a dust suction system thus facilitating a safe loading and environmentally friendly way.
NEWTEK carries out specific designs adapted to each client to offer the best solution and it has a wide and varied catalogue, proven at facilities worldwide.

MB SISTEMAS presents at Innotrans its most recent progress in the automated manufacture of railway bodywork
MB SISTEMAS will unveil in Innotrans 2016 the latest advances made by the Company in terms of the integration of automated solutions in the train coach manufacturing sector.
For the manufacture of railway passenger cars, MB SISTEMAS has developed specific lines for the different parts that make up the vehicles: roof body side lines etc. A company that boasts installations fitted with the most advanced equipment and systems in the sphere of engineering, simulation and quality control.
Since 2008 the Company has developed complex automated railway projects, and which have been awarded to MB Sistemas thanks to its technological reliability and its highly-skilled experts. An example of this is the installation of welding systems for CAF and the implementation of new tools for its work for the Sao Paulo and Recife Metropolitan Railways (Brazil), the Saudi Railways or for the intercity state rail network in the United States, Amtrak, amongst others. A highly efficient line for welding systems of corrugated metal sheets for the company Kawasaki in Lincoln (Nebraska).
The company MB Sistemas is presenting a pioneering innovation at Innotrans: Seam Welder Machine. It is a specific development to welding roof and body side sheets with long seam in a reliable manner.
Successful  projects:
◗ Seam Welder Machine in Elmira (New York-USA) with welding gun and roller in the same machine, an hybrid system in the cutting edge technology.
◗ Seam Welder Machine 2nd generation in Lincoln (Nebraska-USA) automatic position of sheets managed by PLC.
As well as performing in-house developments of new systems and assembly techniques, MB Sistemas participates with technological centres such as IKA4-LORTEK, which has on hand the very highest level of specialisation in advanced joining technology with different metallic and non-metallic materials.The work undertaken on different projects allows for us to develop and implement industrially new binding and assembly systems.

MGN innovates and improves in every technological aspect concerning to the manufacturing of a high quality product
MGN (www.mgncaucho.com) is a SME with more than 50 years experience, which designs and manufactures rubber and rubber to metal pieces for the general industry, with a high specialization in the railway sector.
As a core of its strategy, MGN invests every year nearly the 10% of its invoicing, as a key towards the continuous improvement.
MGN innovates and improves in every technological aspect concerning to the manufacturing of a high quality product, from design to final control:
◗ Design: FEM simulation tools to speed up the process of new products development.
◗ Manufacturing: productive processes optimization through automation and moulds design.
◗ Materials: use of rubber formulations developed to withstand extreme conditions, both mechanical and environmental conditions (temperatures, chemical agents) and the use of aluminum is introduced to make lighter pieces and contribute to reduce the rolling stock weigh, what will have less train fuel consumption and less rail wear as a consequence.
◗ Quality: the most advanced means are incorporated to the MGN laboratories for the quality control, both for the raw materials and the final product.
This way, the components manufactured in MGN offer a high performance guarantee, improving essential demands such as mechanical and dimensional stability, low creep and good fatigue behavior.

Uromac presents its latest Service vehicles for tramways at Innotrans
Uromac presents at Innotrans the world’s biggest railway trade fair, which takes place from 20-23 September in Berlin, the new T-Rail series of road-rail service vehicles for tramway lines. These vehicles are equipped with new rail-wheel set specially designed for tram lines with tight curves (<25 m. radius) that ensure excellent traction over the track. The new T-Rail Tramway series offers the customer a wide variety of configuration for different applications such as overhead line maintenance, shunting trams in depot yards and emergency towing of broken-down trams and cleaning vehicles for rail groove maintenance, using one unique chassis with eases the maintenance operation. Moreover Uromac has presented the latest evolution of its T-Rail Rescue Vehicle designed for minimizing possible rail traffic disruptions.

VIRLAB: more than thirty-five years old performing vibrations and shock tests, regarding all kind of electrical and mechanical equipment and components of any economic sector
VIRLAB, an URBAR Ingenieros Group company, is more than thirty-five years old performing vibrations and shock tests, regarding all kind of electrical and mechanical equipment and components of any economic sector: Railways Transport, Energy, Defense, Aeronautical, Space and Automotive.
In their Asteasu facilities, between the cities of San Sebastian and Tolosa, in the Northern of Spain, more than 2,400 tests have been made until the end of 2015.
Virlab is accredited by the Spanish Accreditation Body (ENAC) according to the criteria listed in the UNE-EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005, regarding the Standards CEI/IEC 61373, IEC 60068-2-27 and IEC 60068-2-64
VIRLAB’s largest independent biaxial platform features:
◗ 2500x2500mm of usable surface,
◗ Max. power, 2x150kN,
◗ Max. displacement, ±125mm
◗ 800 mm/s max. speed,
◗ 6g max. acceleration and
◗ 0-200 Hz range of frequencies.
VIRLAB’s RAILWAYS Transport References:
CAF Group, Carbures, Bombardier Transportation, Siemens Rail Automation, Ingeteam, Merak, Knorr-Bremse, Hispacold, KLK Electromateriales, Sepsa, Accento Acústica y Vibraciones, Kelox, Oasys Group…

Goratu presents the new GEMINIS GT7/R for machining wheelset at the InnoTrans 2016
Goratu presents the latest generation of GEMINIS lathes at its stand at the Inno Trans exhibition in 2016, where the new GT7/R model, the latest innovation in the range of GEMINIS lathes for machining wheelset, will be exhibited.
Geminis has horizontal and vertical lathes, multiprocess machines and a new line specialized on solutions for railways to enable manufacture and maintenance of rolling stock undercarriage parts, including axles, wheels and wheelsets.
Goratu occupies 120 meters in Hall 22 – stand 701.
Geminis GT7-R for machining of wheels set.
Horizontal lathe for high power cutting.

GORGY TIMING: Time Servers, Precision Clocks & Displays
GORGY TIMING is a French 40-year experienced manufacturer that designs, produces and sells time distribution and synchronization systems, as well LED communication displays and public address system. GORGY TIMING SPAIN and GORGY TIMING GmbH are the two subsidiaries of GORGY TIMING.
GORGY TIMING time servers are well known for their security and reliability: hot-plug, redundancy, power backup, and modularity.
The digital clocks LED called LEDI® and LEDICA® consist of a matt anodized aluminum casing, a front anti-reflective and bi-colored emitting diodes to display the time in red, green, amber, blue or white depending on the version chosen.
HANDI® analogue clock range is composed of a flat aluminum case, a white dial with black Arabic numerals and hands, ensuring easy visibility.
In 2014 GORGY TIMING was named leader of a consortium assembling all of the French experts in Time and Frequency around an innovative and ambitious concept: SCPTime®.

GOAL SYSTEMS: Solutions for Optimized Planning, Scheduling, and Management of Timetables, Trains, and Operator Shifts
GOAL SYSTEMS offers sector-specific planning and monitoring solutions, world-class technology to cover all the needs of a company’s processes:
◗ Generation of frequency-based network timetables and track assignments
◗ Train equipment scheduling
◗ Shift assignments for all personnel
◗ Communication with the company’s monitoring and control systems for an integrated management
◗ Day-to-day incidents tracking and monitoring
◗ Data acquisition for payroll calculation support
◗ Generation of reports and KPIs
◗ Simulation of new scenarios
◗ Integration with the current company’s computer systems
Bombela RapidLink, Casa Tram, Métro d’Alger, FGC, FGV, Lithuanian Railways, Metro de Medellín, Metrolink, MetrôRio, ONCF, Ratp RER, RATP Dev, RENFE, Saudi Railways, SNCF, Trambaix, Trenord, Turkish Railways.

Azimut eMotion, leader in entertainment with Azimut Operative Device
Azimut eMotion presents an individual entertainment system for passengers, offering them the ability to access all kind of multimedia content wirelessly from their own device (smartphone, tablets and personal laptops) or from loaded screens; enabling passengers to enjoy a unique experience.
Aimed at high demand areas with a capacity to store more than 1,000 hours of content, and manage audio-visual material, movies, series and documentaries as well as other entertainment contents such as Wi-Fi for passengers (bearing one unique Wi-Fi network for entertainment and web browsing), music, videos, games, news, journals, book audios, tourist guides and other services such as surveys, publicity, access payments and corporate content.
Its technology architecture and innovative design offers train operators the ability to stream content to their clients, with no added data costs. All content is inserted in the server and the remote loading is performed by the AOD cloud platform in real time.
Azimut Operative Device, with its wide offer of secure contents, is a low cost system and is easy to install, improving the train operator’s image and increasing the customer loyalty. Providing entertainment for all the family and finally allowing our clients bidirectional communication.
Azimut eMotion completes your installation with the new 10” and 12” Azimut screens.

RELATS: fire protection sleeving for wire harnesses
Relats will present, during the Innotrans, its improved version of its sleeving Revitex VSCTF.
This sleeving is aimed to protect cables and wire harnesses used in trains in service in harsh conditions.
It contents a special treated additivated silicone rubber coating on top of a glass fiber braid characterizing the new sleeve with high temperature and fire protection properties. When in contact with direct flame, the sleeve creates a foam through an intumescent effect which protects the inside electrical cable and guarantees full service at least 30 minutes after ignition.
Main product features:
◗ Resistant to direct flame
◗ Self-extinguishing
◗ Very resilient to sand abrasion
◗ Fully operational within a large range of temperatures (-70ºC up to +265 ºC in continuous and peaks @ +300ºC)
◗ EN 45545-2 certified.

Electrans-Electrosistemas Bach, S.A.:New SIL-4 Axle Counter generation
Electrans, with its headquarters in Barcelona, is a leading signalling company which designs, manufactures, installs and maintains safety equipment. This year the company is proud to announce the world debut of the new SIL-4 Axle Counter generation in Innotrans exhibition 2016. Among many others, its main features are:
Consistent with the new CENELEC regulation EN50617-2:2013.
◗ Digital communication between the track unit and the interlocking with Power Line circuit, including redundant communication for high availability applications.
◗ Selective wheel detection and GDS (Grouping Detection System) by a new signal processing system.
◗ Predictive maintenance of field devices.
◗ Automatic adjustment for installing and commissioning.

Masats launches in Innotrans a new range of Product
Masats will be launching in Innotrans the Passenger Screen Doors PSD:  The Masats’s Platform Accessibility System is a Platform Screen Doors system (PSD) that consists of a barrier installed at the edge of the platform that it is synchronized with the on-board door of the train.
PSD are an important safety device preventing accidental falls in the track and at the same time improving the climate control of the station reducing the noise and enhancing the quality of the air in the platform.
Masats offer a customized and modular PSD system to adapt to different platforms. The door design offers the maximum safety level (SIL) taking into consideration the highest requirements for availability and reliability (RAMS). The vanguard door design offers many possibilities for customization options and it can accommodate several utilities such as advertising signs, CCTV circuit,  first-aid kits and others.
Masats will exhibit in Innotrans as well:
◗ Electric sliding doors for trams and trains
◗ Evacuation system, including ramp and frontal door.
Masats has 50 year experience in the Public transport sector, including doors and accessibility systems. In their premises the products are designed in Catia V5, and they are tested in a huge prototyping department, where the most demanding tests are fulfilled.

ITSA: prjects for interior subsystems
ITSA is a Spanish company specialized in the design and manufacturing of turnkey Railway Interior Components such as sidewall paneling, door entrance paneling, seats and ceiling.
We offer innovative solutions for all the railway industry (high speed trains, metro and tram) that optimize costs, weights and subcomponents through the in-house engineering, along with ensuring they comply with the international quality requirements.
When transforming different raw materials and creating products, ITSA uses a wide range of in house processes: FRP SMC, SMC + PIMC, RTM, and PLASTIC INJECTION.
Additionally ITSA undertakes pultrusion, hand lamination, thermoforming, metal transformation and subcomponents processes through an expert panel of suppliers.
We manage all phases of the project:

◗ Tool & Product design
◗ Manufacturing
◗ Finishing & assembly
◗ Packaging & delivery