ESTANDA: pioneer foundry in obtaining the “IRIS Certificate”

ESTANDA is among the first European foundries to achieve the IRIS certificate, under the ISO/TS 22163:2017 standard for quality management in the railway sector.

Through the actions implemented for the certification of our facilities and management systems, we have optimized processes, reduced costs due to failures and increased the transparency of our systems. All this, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality and safety of our products for the railway sector.

The IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) certification, developed by UNIFE (Union of the European Railway Industries), is recognized worldwide. It is a common method for evaluating management systems in the railway industry supply chain. It was conceived with the purpose of increasing the quality and reliability of railway products, as well as to ensure continuous improvement in the entities.

For ESTANDA, this certification is a recognition of the commitment acquired over the years with the improvement of the products and services we offer to the railway sector. Likewise, as a steel parts supplier, it allows us to certify that we work according to the procedures defined by the sector, and therefore ensure the maximum quality of our products. It also opens doors to new opportunities, especially in export issues, since leading railway companies use the IRIS certificate as a key criterion for their supplier approval process.