Extensive institutional recognition


philippe Philippe Citröen
General Director Unife
“We would like to congratulate Mafex for its tireless work on behalf of the rail industry”
It is now seven years since Mafex joined UNIFE, the Association of the European Rail Industry, with the aim of representing and defending the commercial interests of the Spanish railway industry in an increasingly competitive global market. During this period, the Spanish railway sector companies have significantly increased their presence worldwide through the pursuit of new contracts in high-speed trains and the implementation of ERTMS in emerging markets such as Brazil, Turkey and various Middle Eastern countries.
In this sense UNIFE has acted as a platform for our members in order to enter the industry concerns on the European agenda, while Mafex has worked tirelessly to take advantage of new export opportunities.
While the overview of the last decade is quite positive, the immediate future will bring the establishment of the Joint Venture SHIFT²RAIL, a program focused on helping maintain the global leadership of the European railway industry through the rapid integration of new technologies and advanced products, as well as innovative solutions to improve the rail market.
To celebrate its tenth anniversary, we would like to congratulate Mafex on behalf of UNIFE for its tireless work on the rail industry. Hoping to continue our work together to promote rail transport.
francisco Francisco Garzón
Managing Director of ICEX
“Ten years of growth in a model partnership”
Ten years of close and excellent collaboration of ICEX with the Spanish railway industry represented by Mafex; ten years of growth of an established and modelic association which ICEX, witness and catalyst of its birth, has had the privilege of accompanying; ten years of continued success that make Mafex a privileged representative of the Spanish business sector contributing with rail professionalism, effort and determination to position the Spanish technology offer as a world leader and mobilize new companies in their international expansion. From ICEX Spain Export and Investment, we sincerely congratulate you and for the benefit of Spanish companies.
inaki Iñaki Barrón de Angoiti
Director Passengers and High Speed Department. Coordinator Latin American Region. UIC.
“Congratulations and thank you very much!”
Congratulations for the 10 years of work and thank you for the important work that you have developed and continue developing for the Spanish railway industry.
It is necessary to make progress among all the railways as a mode of transport today and tomorrow and for it it is essential for the industry to work in collaboration with other industry players. Mafex, like other international organizations, has made and makes this event possible. Hopefully you keep doing it for the good of all (not just the industry) for many years..
gonzalo Gonzalo Ferre
President of ADIF
“Mafex has been key to boosting internationalization”
On the tenth anniversary of Mafex, I want to communicate on behalf of ADIF our congratulations for your great work for the railroad and its associated industries. The Spanish railway sector has become a world leader and an example of the success that Spanish companies are able to reach abroad in areas of high technological skills.
In this task, the coordinated action of the sector through Mafex has been key to promote the internationalization of our business and project its overall capacity to address the most emblematic projects on five continents.
julio Julio Gómez-Pomar Rodríguez
President of Renfe
“Mafex has been exemplary in helping companies to reorient their activities outside Spain”
Internationalization is the banner of our companies, showing the world their ability to compete, innovate and address major technical challenges. During the past 10 years, Mafex has been exemplary by helping the companies in our industry to refocus their activity on the development of business outside of Spain, providing a great value to all. All the Renfe family joins together to wish you a happy tenth anniversary and we encourage you to continue helping in the essential task of the railway internationalization.