FIEM approves a non-reimbursable line of financing for the definition of projects


In recent years one of the main demands of the sector has been to count on the possibility of offering technical assistance, engineering, and consulting services, etc. under the formula of donations to potential customers, and thus promoting competitiveness and the implementation of Spanish technology.

This concern has been intensively addressed by Mafex through the Group of Experts on Financing and Trade Policy, created ad hoc, and whose collaboration along various meetings held with the Secretary of State for Trade or the drafting and dissemination of the position note “Instruments to support internationalization through the design and structuring of railway projects” is highly appreciated.

In this sense, the Spanish Government has recently approved a non-reimbursable fund of 50 million euros to be executed over the next 3 years – part of the Spanish Recovery and Resilience Fund – of which we would like to emphasise that studies will be a priority for countries in Africa and Asia, and in particular: Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Vietnam, Philippines, Serbia, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Thailand.

Not with standing the foregoing, those financing proposals for studies in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru will also be evaluated.