First locomotives of Stadler Valencia for Bolivia and Italy

Stadler Valencia and the Bolivian Ferroviaria Andina-FCA have signed a contract for the supply of the first three state-of-the-art “SALi” (South American Light Loco) locomotives, designed specifically for the Latin American market. These are locomotives of an ultra-lightweight design and with forefront technology, to successfully face the challenges entailed in operating on metre-gauge track under conditions of great altitude (over 5,000 m above sea-level) and capable of reaching a speed of 100km/hr, combining a high-power output at great altitude with reduced fuel consumption. SALi, due to its design and performance, is destined to become the benchmark locomotive of the Bioceanic Rail Integration Corridor.

Another important milestone for Stadler Valencia was the inaugural journey of the EUROLIGHT locomotive in Italy on February 17. The locomotive, acquired by the Italian railway operator Dinazzano Po to strengthen its freight services, undertook its first journey hauling a container train between the stations of Reggio Emilia and Minucciano Pieve Casola.

The four-axle locomotive is characterised by its light weight and its high performance (engine output of 2,800 KW and high hauling capacity) enabling it to run both on main lines and on class C secondary lines. Stadler has also sold 34 units of this loco family in the UK where they constitute the Class 68.