The first trains of Talgo arrive to Russian market

In 2015 you will be able to go to Nizhniy Novgorod on a Spanish train manufactured by Talgo. The train can reach speeds up to 160 km / h and there is also a possibility of launching these trains to Belgorod. Currently the plans are to use these four compositions on state routes. Three other compositions will be used on routes from Moscow-Minsk-Warsaw-Berlin from December 2015, which will be equipped with a mechanism of change of gauge, that is going to be held in Brest (Belarus) and help to save up to 2 hours in each travel.
The Test began in April and is scheduled to end in September, these journalists were able to catch the train again, but for now, the train was only 80 km/ hour, it will be able to reach the speed of 200 km / h.