Gantrex, new Mafex partner

la empresa Gantrex
la empresa Gantrex

The Gantrex company, specialized in special rail track fastening systems, joins the spanish railway association.

Gantrex Spain, S.A. joined Mafex as a new partner. According to the Company’s CEO, Alberto Beraza, being part of the Association is a positive step towards Gantrex’s presence reinforcement in the railway industry, while contributing in its development within the national and international environment.”

The Company is one of the main world leaders in the special rail track fastening systems market. A wide portfolio of products with multiple solutions both for railway workshops or embedded track ranges, port solutions, logistic fleets and private facilities, and its own line of flexible fastening systems for metro and tramway lines.

Its extensive product range includes all types of rails, metal sleepers, fastening clips, rubber pads, pillars, recycled rubber rail fastening systems, polyurethane rail fastening systems and hydraulic buffers.

Furthermore, it should be emphasized that Gantrex Spain is consolidated as one of the international leaders in this field, due to its capacity to provide comprehensive proposals to its clients, which cover the entire life cycle of a project, since the design phase and to production, supply and turnkey installation.

Among the numerous projects belonging to Gantrex Spain, we can mention its participation in the ADIF networks, Bilbao Metro, Granada light tramway, Santiago de Chile Metro, and the Algeciras and Valencia Port.