GMV supplies CAF with a video-surveillance and video-information system

CAF Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles Factoría de Zaragoza 30 de Marzo de 2006 © Karlos Corbella –argazkilaria-


CAF, a global benchmark in the railway sector, has turned to GMV for the design, development and supply of the onboard video-surveillance and video-information system for the ten new series-5000 and -6000 trains to be manufactured for Barcelona’s metropolitan transport company (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona: TMB).

The core of the video-surveillance system is made up by the EGRU digital recording equipment, designed and manufactured by GMV, while the video-information system will comprise a central video broadcasting server, another inhouse GMV product. The whole system will be rounded out with a set of passenger-information IP monitors distributed throughout the whole train.

With this all-in, purely digital solution CAF will be supplying TMB with an architecture of totally renewed systems that integrates seamlessly with Barcelona Metro’s video-surveillance system, currently supplied by GMV to TMB.