HealthHub, a new predictive maintenance tool

Alstom Services teams in Spain have developed HealthHub, a new predictive maintenance tool able to monitor the health of trains, infrastructure and signaling assets.

HealthHub is a new predictive maintenance tool able to monitor the health of trains, infrastructure and signaling assets using advanced data analytics to predict their remaining useful life. It is an innovative approach designed to shift from traditional mileage-based maintenance to condition-based predictive maintenance, thus reducing the lifecycle cost for the operator.

HealthHub is supported by various high technology data capture solutions such as TrainScanner, an automated diagnostics portal capable of measuring the condition of three key consumables of a train as it moves through the portal: wheels, brake pads and pantograph carbon strips. It allows up to 15% of material costs to be saved by replacing them only on an as-needed basis. For infrastructures, TrackTracer will allow similar monitoring of the track and catenaries.

HealthHub strengthens the implementation of the “pit-stop” approach by anticipating maintenance activities. Everything is ready when the train arrives so that maintainers can complete the tasks swiftly and without waste. It has been specifically designed to issue recommendations to carry out the tasks that are actually needed, at the moment they are required. For operators, the advantages are multiple: they optimize their fleet-size thanks to the increased train availability, the time in depot is reduced and the total lifecycle cost is lowered.

Alstom already has significant experience in using remote condition monitoring of trains to optimize operations and maintenance and over 25 fleets have been equipped since 2006. This first real predictive maintenance application, HealthHub with TrainScanner, is undergoing a series of tests and will be in service at the end of 2014. This first version of HealthHub will be upgraded in the near future with new data analysis tools.