HERMES Railway Maintenance Solutions: Decision support system and aid in end- to-end management of Infrastructure


The consortium composed by VIAS, INYCOM and CEIT-IK4 is developing HERMES Railway Maintenance Solutions®, as a SW tool to manage day-to-day maintenance activities and aid in strategic decision making.

This SW tool will be available during Spring 2018 and is currently under implementation in Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

The SW incorporates a wide functionality at three levels:

  • General management level (maintenance head or the manager of temporary joint ventures for maintenance):
    • Visualization at high level and zoom in on the infrastructure diagram (see Figure 1) of both the historical and predictive values of the 4 main indicators about the infrastructure status:
      • potential hazards for the operation with the time (see Figure 2)
      • operational failures that might imply loss of service (see Figure 3).
      • maintenance cost, which permits to analyse its origin and to anticipate budget deviations (see Figure 4).
      • remaining life of components, which permits to establish maintenance or inversion plans for renovations in advance (see Figure 5).
    • Study of alternatives for optimum planning of components maintenance and renovation.
  • Construction manager supervising level:
    • Centralized information of the status of all maintenance actions (planned, performed, pending).
    • Visualization and management of infrastructure inspection data for its analysis and proposal of new maintenance actions (see Figure 6).
  • Maintenance operator level:
    • Introduction of maintenance action reports (based on infrastructure operator’s own format) through an ad-hoc digital application in a portable device.
    • Scheduling of the maintenance tasks to be performed by the operator and its level of priority.