LANDER Checksim, or how to continue to offer confidence

Confidence is one of the main pillars LANDER works on when creating driving simulators alongside the customers.

It is a word that rolls glibly off the tongue, but taking the sensation to the 5 continents from their small operation in San Sebastián is no easy task.

Different languages, cultural diversity or long distances, among others, are setbacks that have to be solved at the outset in personal relations. And this is just the beginning of innumerable details which have a direct impact on customer-LANDER relations.

There are some of these aspects that are rarely mentioned, but in fact they are extremely important to produce that extra portion of trust.

One such detail is LANDER’s Checksim tool. This is an in-house predictive maintenance software system to be applied to simulation equipment.

Checksim sets out to check and detect certain aspects that could cause a serious breakdown in the driving simulator, such as malpractice or overheating in the unit. The software automates a number of basic checks on the functioning of the simulator’s computerised unit, so that in the event of any threats it can warn the user with an emerging message to correct something that is not being carried out properly. This allows users to react in time and prevent any further complications.

In this way LANDER wishes to avoid any routine checks by those operating the equipment, in a bid to free them up to concentrate on training, and also ensure that the equipment is fully operational at all times, with no unexpected downtime to disrupt day-to-day training activities.