High speed train Mexico – Queretaro

The High Speed train that will con­nect Mexico City with the city of Queretaro will be the first passen­ger train of its kind in America: safe, comfortable and environmen­tally friendly.

It will transport 23,000 passengers dai­ly over 210 kilometres at a maximum speed of 300 km/hr. Among the benefits it will bring is saving two hours in a sin­gle trip and four in round ones. It will generate 60,000 jobs in the construction phase, detonating the economy of the region.
The journey of this new train, which will run from the Terminal Ferroviaria de Buenavista,in Mexico City, will cross various municipalities of the states of Mexico and Hidalgo, until reaching the terminal station on Avenida Bernardo Quintana in Queretaro .
On July 25th, 2014, the Pre-Announce­ment in Compranet was announced, which was a firm step towards the crea­tion of a rail passenger network that will help solve transport issues in the country. This High Speed train will be the back­bone of a comprehensive transportation that, in the future, will enable transports to the region of El Bajio, besides being of great interest to the Spanish industry, which has always maintained good busi­ness relations with Mexico.
Its execution is expected to be opera­tional in December 2017.

Characteristics of the line
The construction of this line includes sharing a double track until Huehuetoca, with the Commuter Rail.
The rest of the route will be a new dou­ble track where, in some sections, shall be parallel to the current load paths thus taking advantage of the current track direction. The average speed of the entire journey, estimated at 200 km/h, will be divided into 10 sections based on the greater use of the railway line Juárez-Morelos and the selection of the best performance criteria for each section.
The project is programmed to start in the geographical latitude and longitude coordinates 19.4483 – 99.1517; and the end’s coordinates are latitude 20.6037 and longitude -100.3792.

The rail corridor Mexico-Queretaro cur­rently used for loading, is one of the fastest transit of goods in the country as it is a backbone for corridors who leave Mexico City and head towards the north­ern states of the Republic.
The infrastructure of this rail corridor, has the main lines called “A”, Juarez, More­los and “B”, plus the respective second­ary, auxiliary and private railways.
Currently, these lines are used by four authorized freight companies: Kansas City Southern de Mexico, Ferrocarril Mexicano, Ferrocarril del Sureste and Ter­minal Ferroviaria del Valle de México, as well as an authorized passenger trans­ports enterprise (Ferrocarriles Suburba­nos).

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