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Conference on the railway sector in Ukraine

Conference on the railway sector in Ukraine. Icex Spain Export and Investment organised, together with the Directorate General for Trade and Investment, in collaboration with the SpanishEconomic and Commercial Office of Spain in Kiev and […]

Cybersecurity in the railway sector

Railway Industry Solutions

The combination of three pillars is vital for a safe railway system. These pillars are: the invulnerability of the technology, the commitment and training of the people involved, and the strength of each step of […]

Cybersecurity in the railway sector

Future Prospects and Trends

Exactitude Consultancy’s May 2022 report on the global market around railway cybersecurity was categorical: it is projected to reach $7.44 billion by 2029 (worldwide). According to such analysis, the railway cybersecurity market is projected to […]

Cybersecurity in the railway sector

Regulation and Standards

The legislation applicable to the railway sector in terms of cybersecurity is that relating to the security and protection of critical infrastructures, which encompasses the transport sector. And given the interoperability between states and the […]

Cybersecurity in the railway sector

The pillars of a safe mobility

Already in the 2019 report on transport and infrastructure safety of the then Ministry of Development, one of the eight strategic axes in which the 61 initiatives to improve the transport sector were framed was […]