ICF solves in record time failure of the Vilagarcía de Arousa – a Escravitude line

Railway signalling company ICF has solved a shunting problem that was causing delays on line 818 in Galicia, Spain, in just two months. Rust coating the tracks was causing shunting problems on the rails, which in turn was falsely showing track circuit occupancy, which forced the use of telephone blocking and the intervention of maintenance staff, resulting in delayed trains and increased occupational safety risks.

The Spanish Railway Infrastructure Administrator, ADIF, asked ICF to help solve the problem as a matter of urgency. The company managed to re-establish the service in a record time of two months, thanks to the installation of its AC-900 Axle Counter System, which detects the presence of the train regardless of the state of the track, has a SIL 4 safety level, and monitors the operation of the equipment remotely in real time.