Idom is in charge of the project and design of Riyadh’s Metro

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is on the fast track to modernization, much like many other countries in the Persian Gulf. Improving unban mobility in its cities is one of the country’s priority objectives.

Within the framework of this prior­ity objective, is the development of the new Riyadh metro. Spread over 6 lines, the future network will be approximately 176 km in length and will have 89 stations. Crossing the city from north to south and east to west, the network will include work­shops and depots as well as several park&ride facilities at strategic loca­tions. Given their elaborate design, some of the stations will be landmarks within the urban fabric of the city.

The ArRiyadh New Mobility consor­tium, of which Idom forms part, was awarded the construction of line 3. Idom is responsible for the design and construction project for the infrastruc­ture, stations, workshops, depots, as well as the urban integration of the works. Line 3 is 41 km in length, of which 4.6 km runs through tunnels, 23 km over a viaduct, and 13.4 km above ground. The line has 20 sta­tions and 2 buildings for workshops and depots.

It is expected the work will begin on the tunnels in the first quarter of 2015.

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