IDOM is participating in the Central Railway project of Uruguay


IDOM is participating in the design of the Montevideo – Paso de los Toros Central Railway Line project in Uruguay. This will be the largest infrastructure project in the history of the country, as 8 million tons of products will be transported from the North and Center of the country to the Port of Montevideo.

The involvement of IDOM is this project reinforces the firm’s activity in the rail market at a global level, adding yet another project to the many developed by the firm worldwide.

This expansion and enhancement project covers a section of some 270 km, seeking to improve the infrastructure with new interchange stations, super and substructures, a clearance gauge to allow for future electrification…

In this context, IDOM as the coordinator of the design of the construction project, is carrying out the detailed engineering work included in the scope of work that includes the stage of preliminary design stage and the design of the executive project. The project is being developed using a BIM approach.

For the next 18 years, the Grupo Vía Central consortium, composed of Sacyr (40%), Saceem (27%), NGE (27%) and Berkes (6%), is responsible for the design, construction, financing, rehabilitation and maintenance of the Montevideo – Paso de los Toros Central Railway Line.