One of Idom’s metros projects in Istanbul

Istanbul is the cornerstone of the Turkish economy. With over 14 million inhabitants, Istanbul is the most populous city in Europe and a tourist attraction for over 10 million visitors (2013). The country is still growing, however, now the objective of the city is to grow in a sustainable manner. It is in this context that the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has launched the Vezneciler-Edirnekapi-Eyüp-Gop-Sultangazi metro project. Serving the European part of the city, running 17 km from east to west, this new metro line will have a total of 12 stations. Idom has been contracted to carry out the preliminary and detailed design of the entire line. Once again, Idom will bring its expertise and experience gained in the many metro projects completed around the world, to implement this ambitious infrastructure project in a period of just fifteen months.