IDOM, the engineer of the prequalified design and build consortium for the copenhagen ring 3 tramway

IDOM tranvia de Copenhague Ring 3
IDOM tranvia de Copenhague Ring 3

The Government of Denmark together with the capital of the country and eleven other municipalities have decided to execute the design and build of the Ring 3 tram.

This 27.44-km tram will link the municipalities of Lyngby-Taarbæk, Gladsaxe, Herlev, Rødovre, Glostrup, Albertslund, Brøndby, Høje-Taastrup, Hvidovre, Vallensbæk and Ishøj, improving the existing public transport system in the suburbs on the outskirts of the capital.

LETBANE PÅ RING 3 has carried out a prequalification process for the design and build of the project to be developed between 2017 and 2024. This process includes several design and build lots:

  • Infrastructures, separated into five geographically different sections.
  • Transport Systems:
    o  Energy and catenary
    o  Tracks
    o  Communications and information systems for passengers
    o  Tramway signalling
    o   Offices, workshops, depots
    o   Rolling Stock
  • Operations and maintenance

IDOM Consulting, Engineering, Architecture, S.A.U., is participating with international construction companies who have been prequalified in the tender preparation process for the lots related to Transport and Civil Works systems, together.

As a leading company in the design of tram and light metro systems, IDOM has implemented tramway projects in more than 50 cities in 17 countries, all in all, over 760 km. For Ring 3, IDOM has provided support to the construction company in the preparation of the tramway designs of the different cross-sections, track sections, construction processes, equipment and tramway systems (track, power and catenary), quantifying the necessary volumes for construction and analysing the interfaces with the other contractors involved in the process.