Ikusi renews Iris quality certification


Ikusi has renewed until July 2022 the Iris certification for the activities of design, development and integration of surveillance systems by camera, video and electronic rear-view mirror, passenger information systems and communication systems. In Spain, only two other companies are certified in these three scopes. This certification guarantees the maximum quality and safety of the systems and projects that Ikusi develops for the railway sector.

The work previously carried out by the Ikusi team has become evident with the obtaining in the first instance of this demanding certification, essential to work with the main clients of the railway sector.

Ikusi has been present in this market since 1994, and continues to participate actively in the evolution that the railway industry is undergoing in order to respond to the growing needs for efficiency and sustainability of transport.

From its integration and engineering perspective, Ikusi provides the railway industry with projects based on information and communications technologies that facilitate greater connectivity and open up new possibilities for transmitting and receiving data in the new scenario of digitalization, in which this industry is also immersed.

Ikusi applies edge computing, big data, data analysis, machine learning and augmented reality tools for the digitalization of railway activities that allow the optimization and transformation of the clients’ business, while at the same time providing security and comfort to passengers.