Important new contract award


Recently CETEST has formalized two important contracts with the Indian company RDSO (Research Designs & Standards Organisation), research agency under the Ministry of Railways.

In the first case, CETEST will provide RDSO with its support and know-how for the migration of the current Indian standards to European standards. To this end, several theoretical trainings have been established based on the current EN14363 standard. Likewise, RDSO will be provided with two instrumented wheelsets. Specific training will be provided for its use, which includes the execution of a testing campaign.

In the second case, CETEST will supply RDSO with a total of 10 instrumented wheelsets for 5 types of vehicles (two wagons, two e-locos and one passenger car).

This collaboration reinforces the role of CETEST as one of the few suppliers of instrumented wheelsets in the world, with an average instrumentation and calibration of 30 instrumented wheelsets per year.