Indra signs the biggest ticketing contract in the world in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) for €266 M

Indra has signed a €266 M contract to implement the entire ticketing and access control technology in the new public transportation system currently under construction in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. This is the biggest ticketing project in the world up-to-date, to be completed in 54 months, and it includes maintenance and technological assistance for 10 years. 

This project strengthens Indra’s position in the Middle East, where major infrastructure plans are in the pipeline for the next few years. Additionally, it represents an important milestone in the Transport and Traffic market of Saudi Arabia, where the multinational is the technological partner of the high-speed railroad project between Medina and Mecca.

In Riyadh, Indra will develop the entire advanced pricing management system for the city’s public transportation network. This includes a ticketing control center with information from the various systems, financial management software, the operator clearing house, and other value-added systems for commercial management.

Indra will provide onboard ticket sale and validation systems for the entire public bus network, which will include around 800 to 1,000 vehicles; and the sale and access control systems for more than 80 stations in six subway lines (this network will total 175 kilometers and serve about six million users). This subway and bus project in Riyadh is a new addition to Indra’s many ticketing accomplishments. The multinational is now a world leader in this sector. Indra’s technology has been chosen for the subways in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Santiago de Chile, Medellín, Lisbon, Mumbai, Calcutta and Shanghai, the light rail in Kuala Lumpur, the suburban railroad in Mexico City, the light rail in Austin and the light rail in St. Louis (USA).