Indra is set to implement its technology on the AVE to Extremadura at a cost of 15 million euros

Indra will equip the Plasencia-Badajoz section of the Extremadura AVE (High-Speed Train) line with its signaling and telecommunications technology for an amount of 15.4 million euros as part of a joint venture with the Alstom group, to which Adif has awarded an important contract in this area for the section of the line connecting Madrid with the Portuguese border.

More specifically, Indra will be responsible for implementing the ASFA Digital on-track system, a technological evolution that offers an increase in performance compared to the current ASFA Analog on-track system. Indra will introduce the developed solution of the ASFA Digital, pursuant to the Technical Specification drawn up by Adif, which is part of its line of Mova Protect solutions and which entails evolution and improvement in driving aid systems. Indra will also implement the security and operation concentrators and fixed telecommunications.